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5 easy ideas to add balance to your life

An aromatherapy pulse point oil for balance on a pretty wooden tray with foliage around it.Hello all! This month I am thinking about balance – it isn’t a massive stretch to realise why if you follow me on social media! If you don’t know by now, I have got myself a part time job – and I am ELATED about it!

I wasn’t happy about the thought at first. When I left full time employment to start my business proper in 2022 my mantra was ‘if it doesn’t work, I’ll just go and get a job’. So let’s reverse engineer that shall we? Getting a job must mean it hasn’t worked right? That’s what I thought to myself anyway, no wonder it gave me the ‘ick’!!

This couldn’t be further from the truth – my business is doing fine thank you! It’s still very young and I am ploughing as much as I can straight back into it to keep it growing.

The one thing is hasn’t given me though is a really important one for me. A sense of teamwork. I hadn’t realised just how important that was to my sense of worth until I didn’t have it.

So I decided to do something about it. It coincided with some other life changes too, and that all meant it was the right time. I start later this month and am super excited to get going. 

I am looking forward to more focus and clarity for Bergamot and Flow, and being productive in my ‘day job’ will certainly overflow into my business – it’s a win win!

It got me thinking on how to balance what will be two jobs, as well as daily life being a wife, house owner, mum, daughter and friend. Here’s what I came up with!

1 – Schedule downtime. This will be a tough one I think, for me anyway! Having your own business (or anything that occupies your head all the time) means that even if you aren’t at an event, making products or sat at a desk doing admin/website/blogs etc, it’s there churning over in your mind. 

I will have to work hard at switching off from learning my new job, keeping up with my business and social media and just STOP thinking. Crafting and making things or cooking are definitely ways I enjoy bringing balance to my life!

Recharging your batteries with whatever you need sounds like something to prioritise don’t you think? Look here for some of my favourite downtime activities!

2 – Be organised. I’m fairly organised anyway I think – I don’t often forget things (that I am aware of!) but juggling two jobs will require a little more planning. Booking into events will be a much more selective process as I don’t want to use all of my precious weekends up working when I work through the week days too! Balance remember!!

I will need to diarise everything and – stop the press – actually look at my diary!! A number of times I have written things down and assumed that the act of writing it will make me remember it, then have the diary entry take me by surprise a couple of days before it happens!

3 – Be honest with what you can cope with. I am learning this and LOVING it! Saying ‘no’ is great fun as it makes you feel amazingly in control! One of my favourite things I heard recently is something along the lines of “I’ll say no, but thank you. My plate is as full as I want it to be right now”

Now if you know me, I don’t often say this about actual food, but metaphorically it’s a sound concept! Only be as busy as you want to be and decline anything that will make you busier than that. Sounds simple but it can feel scary to start, but it’s surprisingly easy and people cannot possibly disagree with you because it is your own boundary. Try it and find your own balance!

4 – Eat good food. Need I say more? I constantly battle with this one if I’m honest. I am a terrible vegan – if there is a new vegan donut I will want to try it because it’s vegan food right? Well yes, but so is an apple…….

Eating better makes you feel better – it’s a total no-brainer and I know we sometimes don’t want to hear it. But it just makes sense. Having a balanced diet is good too so never rule out a daily treat either!

The thing I love about vegetables and grains is that they are quite low in calories so you really can pile your plate high and tuck in! What an absolute win! Eating well will ensure I have more energy, feel cleaner inside somehow (anyone else get what I mean??) and do the best I can in whatever I am tackling that day. I want that for myself for sure!

Find some lovely mouthwatering recipes here! 

5 – Look after my mental health as much as my physical health. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a trendy phrase at the moment isn’t it? But until your mental health has been impacted, I think it’s hard to know how debilitating it can be. The beginning of this year was the lowest I have ever been and I don’t ever want to go there again. I am a completely different person now to who I was in January. I will do everything I can to avoid that dark place again so I intend to be outside more, talk more, be honest more, do what I enjoy more. More of the good stuff please universe!!

I will also be practicing far more of what I preach by getting back into a routine of using my aromatherapy blends again. I know it’s terrible to admit but I had got out of the habit and my goodness, I noticed the difference! 

Using an oil first thing in the morning – any of my chakra oils are great in the morning, as is Activate – really does set up the day in a good way. Kicking off my self care routine and giving me a solid start to listening to what it is that I need right here and now. Balance is right there for the taking!

I would love to know if you actively do these things – and if there are other things that help you achieve balance in your life. Let me know and we can navigate these next few months together!

Until next time, love and light,

Sam xxx

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