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Self Care

Why having a break is definitely worth it!

If you have read a few of these blogs before you will likely already know that I am a bit rubbish at having a break and holidays in general. We don’t go often because we like home and dislike the travelling. (This particular element was further cemented for me after

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paper rose

Protect your energy!

You are all so lovely – I can’t start with anything else! Being able to protect your energy is easy with support from wonderful people around! When someone is feeling low they feel like a burden, like they are a total bore. But when I tentatively put it out there

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Self Care

Drop the Happy, it’s just New Year!

I can’t work out if it’s a popular opinion or not but it’s my reality so I’ll be blogging about how awful the days and weeks are post Boxing Day! I bloody hate it! It happens each and every year (and it’s getting worse!) and yet somehow it always takes

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Glow with the Flow

Glow with the Flow – kindness

Kindness and what it means. This last quarter of the year, which of course encompasses the lead up to Christmas, can often be a blur of activity and rushing around. We often don’t have a moment to stop and think about ourselves and what we might need. Or, maybe we

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Bergamot and Flow - Hygge

Cosy hygge days are coming!

I know, I know – everyone loves Autumn it seems and I’m one of them. But why? A while ago I was gifted a book called Hygge which is the Danish ethos of comfort and cosiness. It couldn’t have resonated with me more. Candles, thick socks, hot chocolates, books and

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Glow with the Flow – Overwhelm

Welcome to this quarterly edition of the Wellness Blog – I have got some amazing people contributing to this one! Yoga with LaRueAndy ThorntonHusk and Seed SkincareBrownie Bakes SuffolkAsana SessionsNudge BoutiqueHolistically TeriAmanda Savory KinesiologyFreyja AstrologyKelly Tabiner – Life Coach I chose this the theme of overwhelm for this blog simply because every

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Bergamot and Flow - Sam at desk
Self Care

My first tentative steps…..

Blogging, day 1! Well now, I consider myself a fairly calm person (mostly!) but my goodness, what a blank sheet of paper, or a blank screen, will do to a girl – wow! Who will want to listen or read what I have to say? I’m no expert, what if

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