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Glow with the Flow – top tips for beating procrastination!


Gin and tonic in the gardenThis edition of Glow with the Flow is going to be full of jokes about putting off writing content until the last minute – procrastination to a tee! And mostly it’s true I’m afraid…

If there is a choice between cracking on with the job at hand or a G&T in the sunshine, what is a girl supposed to do? Oh darn it, I shouldn’t have asked that! Haha!

When I set myself a task, almost the very first thing I do is worry if I’ll be able to pull it off, if I should have said yes to doing it in the first place, or whether it will be any good at all. It’s no wonder I don’t want to start it to be fair! And yet here it is – and why? Because not doing it isn’t okay either.

Maybe I work better with a tighter deadline? Maybe pressure is a bigger motivator for me than I like to admit? Maybe I don’t like to fail at something? Whatever the reason, most of the time I will get it done eventually. If I am doing a task for someone else, I will inevitably do it sooner rather than later but if it’s for me I can be far more tardy and lackadaisical than I would like.

Could it be that the tasks I set myself don’t align with what I truly feel or believe, therefore never making it to the top of my list in good time? Possibly, but not always. Is it the fear of failing that means I never feel ready to start? I don’t think so. Laziness…..? Yeah, could have a point there! (If this is you, try this!)

So what is the answer? I’m hoping I find it here in these blog contributions – usually my guests come up with plenty of nuggets and gems of wisdom! Read on with me and find out…

Alison – Bloom In Soap

Freyja Astrology

Jack – LaRue Yoga

Kelly Tabiner

Louise Cox

Andy Thornton

Please welcome Alison – I first met this lovely lady at a market in Bury St Edmunds and her wonderful personality shone through straight away. Always generous with her knowledge and happy to help in any way she can, she has become a good friend. Her award winning soaps and skincare are simply beautiful and presented in such gorgeous ways. If you don’t already, give her a follow and find your new favourite product!
How procrastination can prevent you from succeeding!
When Sam asked me to write a guest blog on procrastination, I thought “Oh wow, this is a subject that’s been affecting me in my everyday life for quite a while now so why not get it all down and see if I can come up with some ways to stop myself procrastinating?”.

Guess what? I put it off for several weeks.

That’s not to say I was consciously avoiding it – my life has been turned upside down recently as I’m now minding my one year old grandson for two (very long but very enjoyable) days a week, alongside running a skincare business where I handcraft every product, creating monthly marketing content for a garden centre, and trying to get another business off the ground.
It’s no wonder my mind is overflowing and avoiding dealing with stuff. 
Running a business alone (especially a handmade product business) is HARD. In addition to making the products, you’re responsible for everything, including the marketing, social media, website, labelling, photography, legalities, writing blogs, ordering, stocktaking, packing and sending orders, accounting, designing, printing – not to mention the mountains of washing up after making the products. Phew – I’m exhausted writing about it!
So it really isn’t surprising that I procrastinate, is it? Or is that just an excuse I tell myself?
I have a to-do list on my laptop, but as you can imagine, the list is pretty long. I look at it and think “Where on earth do I even begin?”. And that’s when I find myself picking up my phone, and the scrolling begins – anything rather than face that list.
My go-to excuse seems to be: I’ve just got to do this one thing first, then I’ll crack on with it.
I am naturally a very organised person – always have been. Before starting my skincare business I was on the marketing team for a big company. To do my job, I’ve always kept lists (and stuck to them), prioritising jobs and completing tasks on time and with ease. And this organised thinking followed on to my own business – to begin with.
As my business has grown, so has the number of jobs and responsibilities. And it doesn’t help that I’m a perfectionist. I want my customers to have the very best experience; from finding me on Google or on social media, to making sure my website is easy to navigate and purchase from, and fulfilling orders quickly. I have that aspect sussed now and it pretty much runs automatically. 
But there is so much more I want to do.
The biggest thing I really want to get out into the world is a course for small businesses showing them step-by-step how to build their own website, so they can save money. It’s the thing I want to get off the ground as quickly as possible – but it’s been a year in the making and I’ve still nowhere near finished building the course. Why am I putting off this thing that I REALLY want to do, and focusing instead on taking new product photos, or bringing out a new product, or spending an entire day designing new labels?
I’m having to ask myself some tough questions here.
Why am I putting off this job that could potentially change my life for the better? Is it some kind of self sabotage? Deep down, I already know why I’m procrastinating about this, but I thought I’d do a bit of research first to find out why we humans are susceptible to this potentially life altering anomaly, to see if there could be another reason behind it.
Nope, it’s as I thought – confidence.
Confidence has always been something I’ve lacked. I’ve never felt good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, intelligent enough, talented enough – you get the picture. I don’t know why – I’ve heard that the lies we tell ourselves often stem from childhood experiences – and I don’t know if that’s true, but all I know for sure is I lack confidence in myself. And this affects me in everything I do, every day of my life.
Including when it comes to building a course to help people. 
“What gives me the right to sell a course?” “Why will anyone listen to what I have to say?” “What will people think of me?” “What if nobody is interested in my course?” “What if they want their money back?”. 
What if, what if, what if…
My lack of confidence is making me put off creating a better life for myself. I know it. But what’s ridiculous is that I KNOW I have the skills and the knowledge to do this, using my marketing and website building skills. I KNOW people want it because they’ve asked me for it. I KNOW people look up to me because they come to me for advice. I KNOW I’ll do a great job with this because I’m a perfectionist.
The only person stopping me is me. I know what needs to be done, I know how to do it. I WANT to do it.
So I need to change my thinking. 
  • I’m not going to wait until I have more time (because there’s never enough of that).
  • I’m not going to wait for the right moment (because when is the right moment?).
  • I am going to break down my to-do list into smaller and more manageable steps.
  • I am actually going to REWARD myself for sticking to my plan (hell yeah!).
  • I am going to remind myself every day that I AM ENOUGH. I AM GOOD ENOUGH.
Most people (I’m sure) procrastinate. And while we all might do it, we each have our different reasons (or excuses, as I’m now seeing it) for putting things off that we really want to do. Who knows how many opportunities we’ve all missed, how much time we’ve lost, how many bad decisions we’ve made – all because procrastination has got the better of us? From now on, I’m holding myself accountable, and I hope you do the same.
Instagram – @bloominsoap

Please welcome back Freyja – astrologer extraordinaire and all round wonderful person! How she juggles all she does I will never know, she has my utmost respect always!

How many of these blog entries will begin with, “I’ve been putting off writing this…” I wonder?
Crafting a delicate and sturdy embroidery of adjectives, timbre and grammar has always filled my cup, like a watering can to a thirsty marigold, remaining hydrated in text is a necessity. 
And yet, why have I left writing this until the last minute? (*again*)
So much of pleasure, for me at least, is garnered from the pre-amble: the anticipation delivering a full water-butt of joy as opposed to just one watering can (not enough to do the full garden, usually).
And writing demands peace and quiet, inspiration time to gain warmth, pollinate, bud and bloom.
So I put it off, like so many other things that mean the world to me, in the hopes that my whole garden feels hydrated by the end of it. 
Afterall, is being one lone marigold enough when you can be a whole flowerbed of mixed blooms?
What will you put off for another day or 2 just to enjoy seeing yourself flourish like the beautiful garden you are?
Instagram – @freyja_astrology

Please welcome back Jack – I don’t think this lovely human has missed a single blog contribution since he started doing them, what a legend! I love receiving his copy too, it always makes me smile, makes me think and teaches me something too. Thanks Jack!

Procrastination. A word, quite literally, thrown around during my university days. “Have you started that essay yet?” “No. Have you?”

Now, I must admit that I am someone who does not procrastinate. Yes, I know. I hear you gasping in shock and clutching your pearls. By nature, I am a very efficient person who likes to have every event in his calendar, every event and daily chores in his reminders and every event reminder in my alarms. Can you see where I’m going here? I don’t have the brain for procrastination. Nevertheless, I am aware that we can become bombarded and overwhelmed by our lives and our ever-increasing to-do list.

For those who aren’t aware, procrastination is defined as: ‘[to] delay or postpone action; put off doing something’. Take a moment now to consider if you’ve ever procrastinated. Doesn’t matter how big or small. If you’re like me, a ‘doer’, a real planner, and lover of routine, perhaps consider if you have perceived procrastination in others throughout your life. Both personal and professional.

A previous boss of mine once told me “You are too efficient”. When I challenged them on this comment, I was advised that I achieve tasks and complete jobs too quickly. Firstly, surely completing necessary tasks in good time should be applauded, not perceived as a fault. Secondly, and I’m a bit smug here, I was not happy to be negatively compared to others I knew who procrastinated their days away. If you struggle with procrastination, I imagine it must be extremely overwhelming and restrictive. Knowing you have X amount of work to achieve, or tasks to tick off.

N.B. if you do struggle with procrastination and any of my language seems triggering or insincere, I apologise. I am completely empathetic and do not wish to upset. But as with anything we do not struggle with personally, I am speaking from an objective rather than subjective perspective.

Over the years my friends and colleagues have commented on how efficient I am and how quickly I achieve tasks. For example, my friend has just booked accommodation in Wales in August for myself and 6 other people. I paid her for my share immediately once I received confirmation. I know a whole host of people who would probably wait a week or so before even considering setting up the payment. It’s just within my nature to complete a task as soon as it arises. Contrasting with my work experience above, my friend messaged me to thank me for my prompt payment which subsequently prompted our other friends to make swift payments also. Personally, I’d rather be deemed “too efficient” and not have tasks or annoying emails hanging over my head. I take a breath and, metaphorically, jump off the cliff edge. I personally prefer to face tasks head on and move on with my day.

Therefore, how can we better complete tasks if we struggle with procrastination? The Harvard Business Review suggests that procrastination is a human condition. They comment that ‘About 95% of people admit to putting off work, according to Piers Steel, author of The Procrastination Equation. And I’d argue the remaining 5% are lying.’ ( They further advocate that procrastinating is a “purely visceral, emotional reaction to something we don’t want to do.” The more averse a task may feel to an individual, the more likely they’ll procrastinate. They suggest that people procrastinate for the following reasons, finding tasks:

  • Boring
  • Frustrating
  • Difficult
  • Ambiguous
  • Unstructured
  • Not intrinsically rewarding (i.e., you don’t find the process fun)
  • Lacking in personal meaning

In his book ‘Atomic Habits’, James Clear encourages you to ‘habit stack’. If you’re unsure what this is, it’s adding a new habit onto an existing habit in the hope that it will encourage you to build this new habit. For example, doing 20 squats while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil; or taking a minute in a forward fold yoga pose while the bath is filling up.

As you all know, I LOVE positive affirmations and gratitude. Therefore, following along with ‘habit stacking’ can we perhaps repeat 5 positive affirmations while waiting for our bread to toast in the morning; or can we focus on 3 things we’re grateful for while avoiding (procrastinating) sending that annoying work email? See below for positive affirmations to help with procrastination:

  1. I achieve my daily tasks swiftly and easily.
  2. I am efficient and effective.
  3. I love how quickly I complete my chores.
  4. I am in control of my day and how it plays out.
  5. I am determined to win the day.

In terms of gratitude, perhaps we can ‘habit stack’ gratitude on to brushing our teeth morning and night. See below for some gratitude ideas:

  1. I am grateful that every day I get to step outside my comfort zone and achieve my goals.
  2. I am grateful that I am efficient and complete tasks quickly.
  3. I am grateful for my quick thinking.

As always, be careful and kind to yourselves. If necessary, and if accessible, perhaps speak to a professional therapist or life coach who may be able to better help you overcome procrastination and help you understand the reasons behind it.

Instagram – @yogawithlarue

Please say hello again to Kelly Tabiner, Life Coach. It’s great to have Kelly back as she has such a wealth of knowledge and advice that can help us all! Find the link to Kelly’s services at the end of her piece.

What is procrastination trying to tell you?Procrastination
Is it really the enemy? 

Up until recently I had always thought that procrastination was a form of self sabotage. When we procrastinate we are sabotaging our present and/or our future. We are avoiding doing what makes us grow, holding us in a place that is stagnant; stuck. But recently I’ve started to see that perspective to be a little harsh.

For me, there are two types of Procrastination:

1. There’s the one where you are required to do something but keep putting it off. Even though you know deep down that you WILL get to it, just not right now.

2. There’s the one where you WANT to do something. You think about it loads, create notes and have conversations but don’t actually take any action to get it going.

I don’t see the first one as self sabotage at all. The intention to get the task done has always been there. It’s just that, for you, a sense of urgency or time restriction is required to spark within you that drive you need to get it done. Once you find yourself in that space you smash it out of the park! This isn’t procrastination, this is a lack of acceptance to how you work best.

If you acknowledge that you need that pressure to get something done you could free up all that time that you have allocated to the task but fill it with doom scrolling, watching Netlflix or doing anything but what you ‘should’ be doing. Rather than earmarking time too early, instead earmark the time close to that deadline, at a time when you know that you will HAVE to get it done.

The second one, to me, feels more like procrastination as we know it. You’re putting blockers in between you and your ideas/purpose that are preventing you from moving forward in life.

So where do the blockers come from? They come from the beliefs that you have and the safety zone that you have created and are required to stay within to meet the criteria of said belief. If you believe that you are ‘not good enough’ to be heard you will forever prevent yourself from being heard and so if asked to share our knowledge/experiences or even choose to yourself, you will ensure that you don’t fully see it through by creating reasons and excuses as to why you can’t complete the task.

Often the word ‘struggling’ comes before procrastination – Are you struggling with Procrastination? – which instantly makes it out to be something that is ‘bad’.
● What if it’s not bad?
● What if…. it’s a sign that you need to manage your time differently?
● What if it’s a sign that you have some limiting beliefs that need reframing?
● What if we start to see procrastination as a good thing? As a reminder that you need to shift what you’re focusing on or change the way you work?

So my message is simple – Don’t be hard on yourself when you find yourself procrastinating. Take a moment to question what it’s trying to teach you.

Instagram – @kellytabiner_tlc

Please welcome Louise! This lovely lady is a PR guru who helps small businesses get seen without it costing the earth. Louise is such a champion of independent businesses and is one of the biggest cheerleaders I have ever known. If you have a business and want help – this is your girl!

Embracing My Human Design: Overcoming Procrastination in Business as a 2/4 Generator

Understanding my human design as a 2/4 generator has been pivotal in my journey through procrastination. A significant aspect of this design is the fluctuation of energy levels throughout the day. As a 2/4 generator, I’ve learned to recognize and honour these peaks and troughs, understanding that my productivity and focus aren’t always consistent. Embracing this aspect of my design has enabled me to work more efficiently by aligning tasks with periods of heightened energy and taking breaks when needed to recharge.

With this understanding in mind, I’ve come to appreciate the unique blend of traits that shape my approach to life. My design predisposes me to delve deeply into my interests and experiences, immersing myself fully in whatever captures my attention. However, this deep engagement can sometimes lead to a familiar adversary: procrastination.

Navigating Procrastination as a Business Owner

Procrastination, the tendency to postpone tasks or responsibilities, is a challenge I grapple with. For me, it manifests as a fluctuation between periods of intense focus and moments of rest or reflection. I’ve come to realise that this oscillation between engagement and retreat is a natural part of my design. Rather than viewing it as a hindrance, I’ve learned to embrace it as an opportunity for growth.

Being a business owner adds another layer to the challenge of procrastination. As someone responsible for the success and growth of my business, the stakes feel higher, and the pressure to perform can be intense. I often find myself hesitating to start a project until I’ve gathered enough information or feel fully prepared to commit.  This happened when I first had the idea for my PR Planner, I told my business bestie about it and she said “Do it! It’s needed and sounds amazing” but I procrastinated on it for 18 months because I didn’t know how to start a project so big. When I finally launched the planner in 2022, I sold out within a week! It was such a powerful lesson in just getting started.

Here are some strategies I’ve found helpful in harnessing my unique qualities and navigating procrastination more effectively:

 Embracing Curiosity in Business

As a business owner, curiosity is not only a personal trait but also a valuable asset. Embracing my curiosity allows me to explore new ideas, strategies, and opportunities for my business. When faced with procrastination, I channel this curiosity into research and innovation, allowing me to gather the information and inspiration needed to move forward with confidence.

Setting Realistic Business Goals

“If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” – Steve Maraboli 

Setting realistic goals is essential for driving progress and growth with business. I like to break down goals and tasks into smaller steps, so it helps alleviate feelings of overwhelm and makes it easier to take the first step rather than overthinking the task. Just my PR Planner, it seemed such as task but when I broke it down to month by month it was more manageable. By setting achievable milestones and celebrating each success along the way, I stay motivated and focused, even when procrastination threatens to derail my plans.

 Finding My Rhythm in Business

Running a business requires wearing many hats and juggling multiple responsibilities. Understanding my energy fluctuations as a 2/4 generator helps me optimise my workflow. I schedule tasks, such as The Product PR Course calls, that require intense focus during periods of high energy, which is in the morning for me. Then I do the less demanding activities at times when my energy levels naturally dip. This rhythm allows me to work more efficiently and maintain momentum throughout the day, even when procrastination looms large.

Practice Self-Compassion as A Business Owner

Being kind to myself is essential on the journey to overcoming procrastination. Owning a business comes with more than its fair share of challenges and setbacks. When faced with procrastination or unexpected obstacles, practising self-compassion is crucial. I remind myself that setbacks are a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey and an opportunity for growth and learning. At times, it doesn’t feel like that but by treating myself with kindness and understanding, and realising I can’t control everything I can navigate challenges with resilience and determination.

 Staying Flexible in Business

Being adaptable is key to success in the ever-changing landscape of business. As a 2/4 generator whose strategy is to respond, I’ve learned to adapt and pivot when necessary. If procrastination derails my plans or circumstances shift unexpectedly, I stay flexible and open to alternative approaches.

This has happened recently. I used to focus purely on teaching small businesses PR. But I was being asked to help with marketing in general. I realised with my knowledge, expertise and experience I could help businesses get seen in multiple ways. Of course, I procrastinated on this because I felt I wasn’t qualified to do so. I looked for evidence that I was – the previous business that I‘d run and spoke to other business owners that I helped to get visible and make more money. That soon kicked the procrastination to the kerb! Being flexible has allowed me to overcome obstacles and stay focused on achieving my business goals.

By embracing my human design as a 2/4 generator and implementing these strategies, I’ve been able to overcome procrastination and thrive in both my business and life. The key think I remember is procrastination is not a sign of failure but an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. By embracing my human design, harnessing my curiosity and navigating procrastination with resilience has empowered me to achieve my goals and run my business with confidence.

Instagram – @louisecoxpr

Please say hello to Andy – my better half. He always writes for my blogs and always has something insightful to add to any discussion. It’s a gift! Sometimes a curse, but mostly it’s a gift! I’m always so grateful for his wisdom and honesty.

Procrastination – but only when I get around to it…

Well, well, well. A piece all about procrastination that has brought me to my desk and keyboard on a Friday afternoon with a sense of pressure and a need to hurry along. And why am I writing this in a hurry? Because I’ve put off doing it until the very last minute (actually a bit after the very last minute if we’re really honest about it) so this has unwittingly become an active case study of procrastination in action.

But why?

Why would I wait so long to do something I willingly said I would do really quite a long time ago, when in the intervening period I have had loads (and I do mean loads) of time to get it done and so not to find myself under pressure to finish?

Oh, and it’s not the first time if you hadn’t already guessed. If procrastination were an Olympic sport I’d definitely make the British team and would be expecting a podium placing. And this isn’t a one-off, unusual experience. I’ve done it to myself hundreds of times!

So I ask again, why?

Well, from my perspective it’s all about not wanting to feel uncomfortable. I know I can only talk about myself here, but I suspect there is something of a universal truth in this. Writing something for someone else, that will be put out ‘there’ where people can see it, is an opening up of the self to all sorts of uncomfortable opportunities. What if I leave it full of typo’s and grammatical errors (probable)? What if people don’t like it (possible)? What if they disagree with it (plausible)? What if they disagree with it and want to hunt me down to tell me in no uncertain terms and face to face that they disagree with it (Hmmm…)? This thing is an untapped well of stress and anxiety that gives me the shivers at the very thought of it. So many unknowns.

Now, as a human being I have an in-built dislike of the unknown because the unknown can be dangerous (yes, I know it’s not in this case but the instinctive response hasn’t quite caught up with the reality yet). So the idea of writing this becomes a source of discomfort which I can easily get rid of, by not doing it. If I find something else to do instead then I get the double win of not being uncomfortable, and being able to tell myself I wasn’t wasting my time but had something way more important to attend to. Ha! It’s a win-win move that only becomes lose-lose when the clock finally approaches 11:59:59.

The other thing that feeds into the easy avoidance of the uncomfortable is the feeling of time being infinitely elastic. However much I put this off time will simply stretch out ahead of me and the dreaded hour will simply never come around. Saying ‘yes’ to writing this when there was plenty of time worked like an on switch to my procrastination programme. No need to do it, no need to face that discomfort, because there is plenty of time – which of course then gets eaten away with all sorts of less productive things. And how often do we allow that time thief into our lives only to live to regret it?

And so I – and for ‘I’ read ‘we’ – trundle along hoping blindly that something will come along at the last minute to save us from having to make the effort to do the thing we should have, and could have done with little effort, right at the very beginning. But of course, in the end reality has a nasty habit of catching up with us and there it is, the realisation that time isn’t actually elastic and now I / we feel foolish / frustrated / upset / angry / defensive (delete any that don’t apply, add more if necessary) when I / we get caught out.

The avoidance of discomfort rebounds and is magnified in the rebounding. That which we sought to avoid is now greater than ever it would have been – and we still have to meet the commitment we made all that time ago.

And so, pausing only to make yet one more cup of tea, I find myself here at the keyboard having nearly finished writing something that I hope relates to the topic of procrastination and actually makes some kind of sense, and guess what? It wasn’t that bad after all!

Or, perhaps I’m only doing this to avoid doing that other thing I promised to do ages ago?

So there you have it! I hope you got to the end and haven’t put it off and never returned……

Did you learn anything about yourself? Find a kindred spirit? Feel comforted that you’re not alone? Let me know what you thought and if you have any tips of your own to deal with procrastination.

Until next month,

Love and light.

Sam xxx

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